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Salad of Smoked Duck



This salad is quick, easy and refreshing. A lovely light way to start a meal. Easy to plate it can be done in advance and tastes great. Perfect for dinner parties. Just source the best smoked duck you can.


1 large smoked duck breast
2 oranges
2 tbsp honey
50 ml chardonnay vinegar
1 tbsp grain mustard
125 ml rapeseed oil
1 bunch organic Cheshire watercress
Salt & pepper


In a small bowl mix honey, vinegar, oil and mustard until thick and creamy, season to taste. Slice the duck as thin as possible and lay out on plate, it’s best if it is brought to room temperature first. Segment the oranges. Dress the leaves of watercress with the vinaigrette, scatter onto duck plates and lay on orange segments.

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